[Fast-Neutrons] Fibre scintillators for fast neutron imaging

Alan Hewat alan.hewat at neutronoptics.com
Wed Dec 18 10:58:04 CET 2019

Ilan, Thank you for bringing your nice paper
<https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0168900211005390> to
our attention. I was particularly interested in two points you made about
fast neutron scintillators:
1) With a large aperture lens (f/0.95) the small depth of field gives
better resolution than might be expected from thick (10mm) slab
scintillators because you focus on the surface.
2) Already available 250 micron fibre scintillators can be made quite thick
because the fibre coating prevents cross-talk between fibres. If only such
scintillators could be made with areas big enough to cover Michael's 200
micron pixel detector. That's already quite good resolution for hot

Thanks, Alan

On Wed, 18 Dec 2019 at 10:05, Ilan Mor <ilmor at soreq.gov.il> wrote:

> Hello all,
> We used in the past a steel mask with line pairs which was used to
> quantify the CTF of our system (see description in the attached paper).
> Unfortunately this mask was lost.
> Our colleague from PTB produced a similar mask made of heavy met.
> Regards,
> Ilan
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