Workshop Protein Crystallography with Neutrons

Thomas Gutberlet gutberlet at
Tue Jan 11 09:46:05 CST 2000

Dear colleagues,

I like to introduce you to the following workshop, organized by the 
HMI Berlin, BENSC and MDC, on "Protein Crystallography with 
Neutrons" on Feb. 25.-26. 2000 in Berlin at the Institute of Medical 
Physics and Biophysics. The aim of the workshop is to discuss 
current use of protein crystallography with neutrons, advantages 
and disadvantages of neutrons in this field and future prospects with 
respect to new opportunities and facilities as ESS. A current 
program is available at There is no 
conference fee. For additional information you may send me an e-
mail gutberlet at

Kind regards
Thomas Gutberlet

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