[sdpd] NEUTRON: Using EXPO (sequel to Sirpow) to solve on Neutron data

Armel Le Bail armel at fluo.univ-lemans.fr
Thu Jan 20 01:37:19 CST 2000

>I would be interested to hear of other software (preferably
>freely available for academic/student use) used to solve
>structures on Neutron data.  

ESPOIR is last chance choice, but works for neutron
powder data as well as X-ray (and single crystal too).
No problem with the urea test file (too easy in fact).
It is free and open source (GPL). Monte Carlo method
from either random starting atom coordinates or rigid
model. Will be presented at EPDIC-7, Barcelone,
May 2000.


Armel Le Bail - Université du Maine, Laboratoire des Fluorures,
CNRS ESA 6010, Av. O. Messiaen, 72085 Le Mans Cedex 9, France

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