E.I.Litvinenko litvin at
Wed Feb 9 11:48:33 CST 2000

Dear colleagues,

      I would like to inform you that web-server machine of
 the Frank Laboratory of Neutron Physics of Joint Institute
 for Nuclear Research, known as "" with IP
 address, have been crashed few days ago.

      At the moment we moved our web site to another machine with IP address, and it works
 now from URL:


     When our system administrator will be able to run our
 web server software from default port (80), we will change
 the IP address of nfdfn to, and you will be
 able to use your old bookmarks.

     Now, please use above mentioned URL.

     I am very sorry for these temporary inconveniences.

         With best wishes,
                            Elena Litvinenko 
FLNP of JINR                Tel: +7 09621 65112, 65122
141980 Dubna                Fax: +7 09621 65362
Moscow region               E-mail: litvin at
Russia                      WWW:

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