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E.I.Litvinenko litvin at nf.jinr.ru
Fri Feb 25 19:21:46 CST 2000

     Dear colleaques,

      In this message I would like to inform you that
 DANEF-2000 information is available at the address


 You are welcome to register for the Workshop at the address


       For your convenience, updated version of the First
 DANEF-2000 Announcement is attached into this message.

       Looking forward to see your submissions.

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                          Elena Litvinenko
FLNP of JINR                Tel: +7 09621 65112, 65122
141980 Dubna                Fax: +7 09621 65362
Moscow region               E-mail: litvin at nf.jinr.ru
Russia                      WWW: http://nfdfn.jinr.ru

                 International Workshop on 

The Frank Laboratory of Neutron Physics of the Joint Institute
for Nuclear Research is organizing the Second International
Workshop on Data Acquisition Systems for Neutron
Experimental Facilities DANEF'2000
(see DANEF'97 at http://nfdfn.jinr.ru/DANEF-97/) to be held in
Dubna, Russia from June 5 to 7, 2000. The aim of the Workshop is
to provide a forum for the discussion of different aspects of
development of the data acquisition systems, including
electronics and software.
We want to bring together scientists and engeneers working on
the field of neutron instrumentation and sample environement to
establish closer contacts to solve common problems. 


       Front End Electronics 
              Preamplifiers, shapers, multiplexers,
              discriminators, etc., for different types of
              neutron detectors 
              ADC, TDC 
              Digital signal processing 
              Overview of commercially available electronics 
       Instrument and Sample Environment Control Systems 
              Motor and position control 
              Temperature and other controllers 
              Fast neutron choppers and velocity selectors 
       Data Acquisition Electronics 
              Strategies and overall system design 
              Future technologies 
              Time-of-flight analysis 
              Correlation analysis 
              Multiparameter data registration and accumulation 
       Management of Instrumentation and Data Acquisition
              Software for Instrument Control & Data Acquisition
              Scientific Data Analysis and Visualization
              Distributed Instrument Control Systems 
       Use of Various Operating Systems and Hardware Standarts 
       Overview of Data Acquisition Techniques for Synchrotron
       Radiation Facilities 

The following types of presentations are proposed: invited 
talks (40min.), oral contributions (20 min.) and posters. The
language of the Workshop is English. 

        Organizing Committee:

  V.I. Prikhodko       chairman
  G.A. Sukhomlinov     vice chairman
  E.I. Litvinenko      scientific secretary
  A.V. Belushkin       member
  Yu.A. Astakhov       member
  A.S. Kirilov         member
  S.F. Yarovikov       member


  V. Novikova 
  N.A. Malysheva 
  T.V. Avdeeva 

    International Program Advisory Committee:

K.Crawford                 (IPNS ANL, USA) 
M.Furusaka                 (KENS, Japan) 
R.Ghosh                    (ILL, France) 
M.W.Johnson                (RAL, Great Britain) 
M.V.Kovalchuk              (IC RAS, Russia) 
V.V.Korenkov               (JINR) 
F.V.Levchanovsky           (JINR) 
B.Michaelis                (Univ. Magdeburg, Germany) 
R.Nelson                   (LANL, USA) 
J.Neuhaus                  (FRM-II, Muenchen, Germany) 
W.C.A.Pulford              (ESRF, France) 
Yu.A.Volkov                (MEPhI, Russia) 

Call for Abstracts and Application Form:

The deadline for submitting abstracts is March 15, 2000. The
abstracts can be sent to the Scientific Secretary of the
Workshop E.I.Litvinenko by E-mail, by DANEF'2000 WWW Application
Form, or by post (in a camera ready form). Abstracts must be one
page, including title, author's name, affiliation and address,
text and references.  The Application form
(http://nfdfn.jinr.ru/aps-bin/Application_DANEF-2000) for
DANEF'2000 is available on WWW since 25 February, 2000. The
booklet of abstracts will be published by the beginning of the

Registration Fee:

The Registration Fee of $300 US for participants and $180 for
accompanying persons includes car transportation from Moscow
airport or railway station to Dubna and back, hotel
accommodation from June,3 to 8, a copy of the Workshop
Proceedings, welcome party, banquet and light refreshments
during the Workshop. The Registration Fee is due to payment in
cash at registration. 

The Registration Fee for participants from former Soviet Union
countries is $50 US. The discount in Registration Fee can be
granted for young participants from JINR member states. 

Contact Address:

       E.I. Litvinenko 
       Frank Laboratory of Neutron Physics 
       Joint Institute for Nuclear Research 
       141980 Dubna, Moscow region 
       Tel.: (+7) 09621 65112, 65122 
       Fax: (+7) 09621 65362, 
       E-mail: litvin at nf.jinr.ru

Further information will be posted on WWW as it becomes
available at http://nfdfn.jinr.ru/DANEF-2000/

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