good news for neutron strain scanning

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Thu Mar 23 11:41:14 CST 2000

I hope to announce that a new strain scanner is to be built at the 
ILL as a joint collaboration between the UK and the ILL.  It will 
be part of the ILL Millenium programme.  The contract negotiations 
are underway but I hope these will soon be finished.

Related to this a number of appointments are available. 
A New Engineering Materials Lectureship in Stress Measurement has 
been announced at Manchester University - we have recently founded a 
Residual Stress Unit with UK Government funding, futher particulars 
available from philip.withers at  Application deadline soon.

Instrument scientist position at the ILL to develop the strain 
scanner, funded by the University of Manchester.  This post will be 
announced with the Strain Scanner soon.  Let me know if you wish to 
receive further particulars when they become available.

A post doctoral position working on stress development in welding, 
again the deadline is soon (1 April) further particulars 
Philip.withers at
Prof. P.J. Withers
Manchester Materials Science Centre
Grosvenor St
M1 7HS
tel 44 161 200 8872     Fax 44 161 200 3636

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