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Department of Physics and Astronomy: University of Leeds

Lectureships/ Senior Lectureship/Readership

The Department of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Leeds plans to
make two academic appointments in the areas of Condensed Matter Physics and
of Molecular Physics or Biophysics. Both appointees will have research
records commensurate with a grade 5 RAE research rating. The posts may be
filled at lectureship level (A or B) but for a suitably qualified candidate
one of the appointments may be made at senior lectureship or readership
One post will be in the Condensed Matter Group which is to be headed by
Professor R Cywinski when he takes up his Chair on 1 September 2000. The
interests of the group are wide ranging and encompass the magnetic and
superconducting properties of alloys, compounds and nanoscale structures.
There is a wide range of in-house facilities for the preparation of thin
films, including MBE and sputtered thin films and crystalline and amorphous
alloys. The group profits from a wide range of national and international
collaborations and has strong links with major neutron and muon beam
facilities. The research activities of the successful applicant must
complement and extend the existing research profile of the Group.
The other post will be in Molecular Physics or Biophysics in the group
headed by Professor Batchelder. Research in the Group is currently focused
on studies of self-organising films and nanoparticles, solid-supported
bilayers, wetting and wetting transitions, polymer structure, protein
structure and folding, and biomolecular interactions. Techniques used and
developed in the Group include Raman microscopy and SNOM; FTIR, UV-Vis and
fluorescence spectroscopy; ps and ns time-resolved fluorescence
spectroscopy; single molecule spectroscopy; AFM and STM and ellipsometry. In
the area of theoretical macromolecular physics and biophysics,
collaborations are currently growing with the research group in Polymers and
Complex Fluids.
For general enquiries about the post, contact Professor Alan Watson
(headphys at leeds.ac.uk). Specific enquiries about the first post may be made
to Professor R Cywinski (rc7 at st-andrews.ac.uk), Professor G J Morgan
(g.j.morgan at leeds.ac.uk) or Dr B J Hickey (b.j.hickey at leeds.ac.uk). For
enquiries about the second post please contact Professor D N Batchelder
(d.n.batchelder at leeds.ac.uk), Dr Steve Evans (s.d.evans at leeds.ac.uk) or Dr
Alastair Smith (d.a.m.smith at leeds.ac.uk).
The closing date for applications is 30 April 2000 and it is hoped that the
appointees will take up their posts on 1 September 2000 or as soon as
possible thereafter.

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