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Rob Kreuger R.Kreuger at IRI.TUDELFT.NL
Tue Jun 13 18:02:47 CDT 2000

Position available  at neutron scattering group in Delft (NL)

In the framework of the european SCANS project we are looking for a
postdoc for two years. He/she will contribute to the extension of Monte
Carlo kernels to simulate the neutron polarisation in neutron scattering
instruments. The principal simulation package will be McStas
( We would like to simulate polarisers,
rotators, flippers, precession fields and eventually resonant spin
flippers. In case inelastic scattering simulations do not exist, this has
to be developed as well. The new code has to be validated by experimental
data.  This might be done by the candidate himself at our ractor or at
other sites.

The MC simulations will be used to evaluate and design new instrument
concepts to be applied at ISIS or the future ESS. All these concepts have
one thing in common: polarised neutrons and Larmor precession devices. For
- Spin echo with White beam resonant spin flippers
- SESANS=Spin echo SANS
- High resolution diffraction with Larmor devices
- Inelastic scattering with TOF and Larmor devices

The candidate should have at least some years of research experience, 
preferrably in the field of neutron scattering or instrument simulations. 
He should have good skills in Unix and C. 
Starting date: as soon as possible.
Indicative salary: NLG 5000-6000

For additional information:

Rob.Kreuger at
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