Excited proton wave functions in metals

Keith Ross d.k.ross at salford.ac.uk
Tue Jun 20 14:10:28 CDT 2000

Dear All,

We would like to hear from someone wishing to do a PhD in neutron
scattering from protons or deuterons in metals. The student would
participate in the ab initio calculations of the excited wave functions
and the measurement of the corresponding inelastic cross sections.
Standard ab initio calculations have to be modified to allow for the
effect of the proton
zero point energy. Comparisons with experiment for PdH are excellent
(See PLR 84 (2000) 1531). However, it now seems likely that the
traditional explanations have to be modified to take account of
Franck-Condon levels, where the final state is the trapped excited
state. The experimental side will involve use of facilities at the ILL,
and ISIS (Rutherford Appleton Laboratory) and the student could be based
at the Rutherford Laboratory or in Manchester.

Anyone interested, please contact me (d.k.ross at salford.ac.uk).

The support would be at the normal level for a pg student in the UK,
with funding method depending a bit on nationality.

Keith Ross

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