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Brian H. Toby Brian.Toby at nist.gov
Fri Jul 14 14:52:06 CDT 2000

As the outgoing chair of the ACA Neutron SIG and as a member of the IUCr
Neutron Commission (I think), I would like to relay the message below --
concerning planning for neutron-related science for the 2001 ACA meeting
-- to the greater neutron user community. Suggestions and comments
should go to Bryan (kou at ornl.gov). Apologies to those who have already
seen it.

Brian Toby

Bryan Chakoumakos wrote:
> Dear Members (and Should-be Members) of the American Crystallographic
> Association Neutron Scattering Special Interest Group:
> The ACA Council has advised me that we again will organize a day long
> session for next year's annual meeting, to be held in Los Angeles, July
> 21-26, 2001.  Since some of you will not be able to attend the Neutron SIG
> meeting (Monday, 12 noon, July 24) at this year's ACA convention in St.
> Paul (http://www.hwi.buffalo.edu/ACA/ACA-Annual/StPaul/StPaul.html),
> please take this opportunity to provide some input.
> As the new SIG President, and de facto organizer for the Los Angeles
> session, I have come up with two ideas out of many possibilities.  Either
> one of these themes would work for a day-long session, and likely attract
> some new attendees.  Please tell me what you think, and also suggest other
> themes for our session at the Los Angeles meeting.  Since we have a whole
> day allotted, we could also consider having two themes, one half day
> devoted to each.  At the St. Paul meeting we will decide which theme is the
> best idea.
> 1.  Gas Hydrate Clathrates (whole-day session)
> Possible speakers:
> C.J. Rawn, Oak Ridge National Laboratory (neutron powder diffraction studies)
> R. Henning, Argonne National Laboratory (neutron powder diffraction studies)
> W.F. Kuhs, Universität Göttingen (single-crystal neutron diffraction studies)
> E.D. Sloan, Colorado School of Mines (structural stability)
> L.A. Stern, US Geological Survey, Menlo Park (phase equilibria)
> J.S. Tse, National Research Council of Canada, Ottawa (dynamics and modeling)
> P.R. Bishnoi, University of Calgary (kinetics)
> G.D. Holder, University of Pittsburgh (phase behavior)
> 2.  Neutron Scattering in Earth and Planetary Sciences (whole-day session)
> Possible speakers:
> G.A. Lager, University of Louisville (hydrogen in high pressure minerals)
> M. Kunz, ETH, Zurich (humite group minerals)
> H.-R. Wenk, University of California, Berkeley  (texture studies)
> W.F. Kuhs, Universität Göttingen (ice polymorphs and gas clathrate hydrates)
> R.J. Harrison, Universität Münster (order-disorder phase transitions in oxides)
> J.B. Parise, State University of New York, Stony Brook (high pressure behavior)
> N.L. Ross, Virginia Tech (mineral physics)
> S.A.T. Redfern, Cambridge University (order-disorder phenomenology in minerals)
> W.G. Marshall, Rutherford Appleton Laboratory (high pressure instrumentation)
> Those of you who will be in St. Paul, please come to the Neutron Scattering
> SIG meeting.
> As a final comment, please encourage your students and your new
> collaborators to join the ACA (http://nexus.hwi.buffalo.edu/ACA/ ) and
> affiliate with the Neutron scattering SIG.  Multiple SIG affiliations are
> O.K., and encouraged.  We need to increase our ranks, in order to ensure we
> will have a viable community for the future.
> Thank you and hope to see you in St. Paul,
> Bryan Chakoumakos
> Neutron Scattering Section
> Solid State Division
> Oak Ridge National Laboratory
> P.O. Box 2008, Bldg 7962
> Oak Ridge, TN 37831-6393
> 865-574-5235 office
> 865-574-6268 FAX
> http://neutrons.ornl.gov

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