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Job Number:   006102
Number of Openings: 1
Series/Level: TSM
Recruiting Scope:    Open to all
Organization:  LANSCE-12
Status:    Open
Date Posted:   09/13/2000
Job Type:  Limited Term Appt 2 Years Full-time
Clearance:   None

           Summary:   The Manuel Lujan Jr. Neutron Scattering Center (Lujan 
Center) is seeking a
           highly motivated individual to be the main LANSCE contact for a 
newly funded upgrade to the
           Neutron Powder Diffractometer (NPD). This project is funded by 
the National Science
           Foundation, the University of Pennsylvania, State University of 
New York at Stony Brook,
           University of Virginia, Michigan State University, UC Santa 
Barbara and Los Alamos National
           Laboratory. The upgrade includes expanded detector coverage at 
the backscattering angle
           with the objective of increased data acquisition rate at high-Q 
for determination of pair
           distribution functions (PDF) with high real-space resolution. 
The successful candidate will
           assist in the planning, design, and installation of the upgrade; 
oversee development of
           technical, cost, and schedule baseline for the upgrade; be 
responsible for the day-to-day
           technical decisions to achieve this goal; be responsible for the 
day-to-day project
           management; and ensure that all applicable LANSCE and Laboratory 
procedures are
           followed. The successful candidate will conduct a program of 
neutron scattering research
           with an emphasis on the application of the PDF technique to the 
study of aperiodic
           structures in metals, ceramics, liquids, and glasses using the 
Lujan Center and other
           neutron scattering facilities. The successful candidate will 
serve as the scientific liaison for
           PDF analysis between LANSCE-12 and other Los Alamos 
organizations; collaborate
           effectively on scientific problems of mutual interest; interact 
effectively with the broader
           community of experimentalists within and outside the Laboratory. 
More information of the
           Lujan Center can be obtained at

           Required Skills:
                Several years research experience and demonstrated record 
of accomplishment in
                experimental neutron and/or x-ray scattering and research 
using neutron
                diffractometers and pair distribution analysis.
                Demonstrated ability to organize and lead interdisciplinary 
teams that include scientists,
                mechanical/electrical engineers and technicians.
                Demonstrated scientific leadership as evidenced by the 
quality and breadth of research
                conducted under the applicant's direction.
                Demonstrated ability to work with teams consisting of 
internal and external participants
                to develop consensus on technical decisions.
                Demonstrated commitment to safety and health, including 
minimization of the
                environmental impact of activities.
                Proven effective interpersonal skills and oral and written 
communication skills,
                experience and skills must be supported by a strong record 
of refereed publications,
                honors, awards, and invitations to speak at conferences and 
universities and by letters
                of recommendation.
           Desired Skills:
                Experience with project management techniques and tools.
                Experiences with the operation of a large experimental 
                Experience conducting research or building instrumentation 
at a spallation neutron
                Familiarity in dealing with procurement procedures and 
           Education:  Ph.D. in condensed-matter physics, materials 
science, chemistry, or related

	Notes to Applicants:   For specific questions about the status of this 
job, call (505) 667-9904


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