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Job Number:  016209
Title:    STAFF MEMBER - Other
Number of Openings:    1
Series/Level:   TSM
Recruiting Scope:   Open to all
Organization:   LANSCE-12
Status:   Open
Date Posted:  10/19/2000
Job Type:   Limited Term Appt 2 Years Full-time
Clearance: None

         Summary:   The Manuel Lujan Jr. Neutron Scattering Center (Lujan 
Center) is seeking
           a highly motivated individual to work full time on the project 
"Development of High
           Performance Cold Neutron Spectroscopy at LANSCE." This project 
is funded by
           institutional research through an LDRD grant. The goal of the 
project is to develop and
           test two novel instrumentation approaches, repetition rate 
multiplication and ballistic
           neutron guides, designed to make cold neutron spectroscopy for 
the first time
           competitive with the powerful suite of this kind of instruments 
operating at reactor
           sources (e.g. IN5 at ILL). These new techniques will allow the 
implementation of cold
           neutron spectroscopy at Lujan Center with improved 
signal-to-noise compared to the
           best existing instruments today. The successful candidate will 
assist in planning, design
           and installation, including testing of the performance of a 
prototype repetition rate
           multiplying chopper systems combined with a prototype ballistic 
neutron guides. This
           includes analyzing the effects of technical imperfections, 
tolerances and stability of
           operation, and comparison of measured neutron optical 
performance with simulation
           calculations. The successful candidate will establish the 
technical knowledge of using
           repetition-rate-multiplied, multi-wavelength operation in 
realistic experimental situations
           and evaluate the efficiency of this type of data collection 
compared with conventional
           single wavelength procedures. The assignment includes 
responsibility for day-to-day
           technical decisions, day-to-day project management, and for 
ensuring that all
           applicable LANSCE and Laboratory procedures are followed. The 
           candidate will conduct a program of neutron scattering research 
with an emphasis on
           the application of neutron spectroscopy to the study of dynamic 
collective phenomena
           in complex matter using the Lujan Center and other neutron 
scattering facilities. More
           information of the Lujan Center can be obtained at

           Required Skills:
    * Several years research experience and strong record of excellence and 
achievement in experimental neutron scattering, in particular in the field 
of application of inelastic neutron scattering spectroscopy.
    * Proven effective interpersonal skills, oral and written communication 
    *  Demonstrated ability to organize and lead interdisciplinary teams 
that include scientists, mechanical/electrical engineers, and technicians.
    * Demonstrated ability to work with teams consisting of internal and 
external participants to develop consensus on technical decisions.
    *  Demonstrated commitment to safety and health, including minimization 
of the environmental impact of activities.
    * Experience and skills must be supported by a strong record of 
refereed publications, honors, awards, and invitations to speak at 
conferences and by letters of recommendations.
         Desired Skills:
    * Experience with project management techniques and tools.
    * Experience with the operation of large experimental facilities.
    * Experience with conducting research and building instrumentation at a 
spallation neutron source.
    *  Familiarity in dealing with procurement procedures and policies.
          Education:  Ph.D. in condensed matter physics, materials science, 
chemistry or related field.

           Notes to Applicants:   For specific questions about the status 
of this job, call (505)
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