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Ray Osborn ROsborn at
Thu Oct 26 16:48:43 CDT 2000

As part of a comprehensive redesign and update of the Neutron Scattering
Home Page at <>, we have made the links to the
news and announcements on this mailing list much stronger.  The most
significant new features are :

* Online subscription and unsubscription to the neutron mailing list

* Mailing list archive going back to the start of the list in 1995

* Summary of recent job postings to the mailing list (there are a lot!)

* List of recent calls for proposals

* Submission form for conference and workshop announcements

* Suggestion form for proposing links to web sites and making other comments

Please help us to keep this web site up-to-date and accurate.  We welcome
suggestions for improving the content and organization of the site, as well
as reports of problems, errors, and missing links.  Send any comments to Ray
Osborn <ROsborn at> or Tom Worlton <TWorlton at>.

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