Peter Verkerk

Don Kearley g.j.kearley at IRI.TUDELFT.NL
Thu Nov 23 15:23:29 CST 2000

It is with great sadness that I announce the death of our friend and
collegue Peter Verkerk. He died in a motorcyle accident yesterday
evening. Peter has been a well known and respected member of the
international neutron-scattering community for many years, and will be
remembered as an extremely pleasent and effective scientist. He has
served on countless advisory boards, selection committees etc. where his
scientific and personal qualities were greatly appreciated.
Peter worked at IRI in Delft since 1971. He was responsible for much of
the construction of the rotating crystal spectrometer RKS during the
early seventies, and much of the software for thorough data correction
for TOF spectrometers was then developed by Peter. His ground-breaking
experiments on liquids and compressed gases continued over most of his
career, and it is this which involved him in a large circle of
collaborators. More recently his interests also turned to polymer
electrolytes, where he quickly gained recognition.

                        With deepest regret

                                                    Don Kearley

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