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Sergey Egorov s_egorov at yahoo.com
Tue Jan 23 15:18:03 CST 2001

Dear Colleagues,

We are working on optimization of Microchannel Plate
Detector for different particles, like neutron,
high-energy heavy ions, high-energy elementary
Each detector consists of "sampling plate" and MCP
amplifier. High-energy particles crossing "sampling
plate" would eject electrons and photons with
different energies. These electrons and photons
hitting MCP produce with some probability a single
electron avalanche (an electron cloud about 10^4
electrons). Different sampling plates should be used
for different type of particles to optimize detection
efficiency and resolution.
I'm looking for good references on publications and
reviews on the following research:
1. How many electrons and photons are ejected by
different particles crossing different "sampling
plates": metal foils, semiconductor wafers and polymer
2. What is energy distribution of ejected particles.
3. What is the probability of electron emission from
different materials irradiated by electron beams of
different energies (1eV - 10Mev).
4. What is the probability of electron emission from
different materials irradiated by photon beams of
different energies (1eV - 10Mev).

I'm looking for experimental data and basic
theoretical considerations. 
I would appreciate your comments on any of the above
issues. Thank you for your support.

Best regards,
Sergey Egorov
Del Mar Ventures
1255 Ruette Alliante #148
San Diego CA 
United States
v/fax  +1 (815) 371-1183
s_egorov at yahoo.com

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