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Don Kearley g.j.kearley at IRI.TUDELFT.NL
Thu Feb 8 13:46:08 CST 2001

Postdoctoral position at the Interfacultair Reactor Institute (IRI),
TUDelft, The Netherlands
G. J. Kearley

How Does the Microstructure of Aluminium Just Above the Melting Point
Influence the Properties of the Solid?

In the production of aluminium small quantities (~.01%) of TiB2 or TiAl3
are added to the melt shortly before solidification. This controls the
grain size of the product, and hence its quality. It is not known how
this works and the main aim of the project is to gain some fundamental
understanding by investigating the microstructure of Al just above
andbelow its melting point, with and without grain-refiners. This will
be achieved using elastic and inelastic neutron scattering techniques.
A thesis student recently started work on this project and we are now
looking for a post-doc who will become involved in this work. The post
is based at IRI where we have our own small research reactor with
neutron scattering facilities. Experiments will also be carried out at
ISIS (UK), ILL (France) and other Europeen neutron-scattering centres.
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