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PDF Workshop

Real-Space Pair Distribution Function Methods

When: Saturday July 21st, 2001
Where: American Crystallographic Association Annual meeting, Westin
Bonaventure Hotel and Suites, Los Angeles, CA
Registration Deadline: June 1st for preregistration discount.  Space is
limited so please preregister.
Information and Registration Documents:
Organizers: Simon Billinge (Michigan State U), Thomas Proffen (Los Alamos
National Laboratory), Valeri Petkov (Michigan State U)
Contact us: billinge at, tproffen at
<mailto:billinge at,%20tproffen at>

Do you have samples with significant disorder or diffuse scattering but
still want to know their structure? In that case, a real-space atomic pair
distribution function (PDF) analysis may reveal new information.  This
workshop is to introduce the PDF technique to students and researchers.
This is a straightforward powder diffraction technique, which can be used to
analyze laboratory x-ray data to obtain local structure information (though
usually more is learned from a synchrotron or neutron measurement).

This will be a one-day hands-on workshop introducing the technique and
teaching how to obtain and analyze diffraction data to obtain a real-space.
Workshop attendees will receive a CD containing all the computer codes
required to analyze the data to obtain the PDF and to carry out full-profile
modeling.  They will then work through a number of examples of data analysis
and modeling on the computer.  Attendees are encouraged to bring some of
their own powder diffraction data from a sample of interest and we will also
try and analyze it (it should be a computer file in two-column ascii

We hope to see you in Los Angeles,
Simon Billinge, Thomas Proffen & Valeri Petkov
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