The Present Status of High Magnetic Field Technology and the Prospects for Applications to Neutron Scattering Experiments

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  The Hahn-Meitner-Institut is a German National Laboratory. It 
is  located in Berlin, the capital of Germany, has about 850 
employees,and hosts the Berlin Neutron Scattering Centre 
(BENSC,, a user 
facilityopen to scientists from all over the world. To probe the 
structureand dynamics of solids and liquids, BENSC provides 
scientistswith state-of-the-art neutron scattering equipment.

  The HMI is presently preparing a proposal to combine for the 
firsttime two privileged large scale facilities for the study 
magneticand related phenomena, a neutron source and a high 
magneticfield laboratory. It is our goal to extend our capabilities to do
neutronscattering experiments in continuos high magnetic fields up to
30-40Tesla. Using static magnetic fields will tremendously enhance the
efficiencyof neutron data collection compared to pulsed fields. In
addition,the high power dc power supply to be installed will be able to
servea few magnet cells in addition to the neutron scattering magnet
position,which could operate some 800-1000 hours per year. 

  We  would like to invite you to participate in an informal 
workshopto be held at the Hahn-Meitner-Institute in Berlin, 28-
30  May 2001. It will be the aim of the workshop to identify the 
new scientific opportunities offered by such a facility. 

  We  are aware that this is a short-notice announcement and we 
apologizefor any inconveniences caused by this. Nevertheless, 
we  hope that you will be able to attend this workshop and take 
an  active part in scientific discussions.

  Thankyou very much for considering our invitation and we look 
forwardto seeing you in Berlin.

  Withbest regards

  M.  Steiner, M. Meissner, F. Mezei, K. Prokes

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