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Lyndon Edwards L.Edwards at
Mon Jun 25 12:29:45 CDT 2001

Research Fellow in the Engineering use of Neutrons (Post ref:  7451)

An excellent research opportunity is available for a post-doctoral
candidate with a background in Engineering, Physical or Computational

The post is a two-year appointment, funded by the EPSRC as part of a 2.5
million pound program to design and build ENGIN-X a next-generation
engineering stress neutron diffractometer.  This instrument is expected to
provide 10 times the performance of presently available machines. The
large increase in data acquisition rate inherent in the ENGIN-X design
means that it is vitally important that innovative data handling
improvements are also made to enable experimentalists to keep pace with
their measurements.  The primary responsibility of this position will be
to develop the software to enable the true potential of ENGIN-X to be
realised.  The post will involve close collaboration with the Instrument
Development team at ISIS, the world's premiere spallation neutron source
which is located at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory near Didcot in
Oxfordshire. Details of ISIS can be obtained from  and
of ENGIN-X at

The appointment will be made on the Research Staff scale, within the
salary range £16,775 - £25,213 p.a. (under review) depending on
qualifications and experience.  Appointment as a Research Fellow requires
a PhD or three years equivalent in quality of achievement.

Informal enquiries about the post can be made to Dr Lyndon Edwards on +44
1908 653255 or Dr Michael Fitzpatrick on + 44 1908 653100.

Further particulars and an application form are available from the
Recruitment Co-ordinator, email
Technology-Recruitment-Co-ordinator at   Please quote the
relevant reference number.  There is a 24 hour answering service on 01908
654144. Further particulars are also available on WWW page

Closing date for applications: 13th July 2001
Ref: 7451/5137

Department of Materials Engineering, Faculty of Technology


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