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"Applications of Neutron Scattering to Materials Science and Engineering"

The Joint Institute for Neutron Sciences (JINS) is organizing a three-day 
workshop on "Applications of Neutron Scattering to Materials Science and 
Engineering," to be held October 13, 2001, in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. The 
workshop consists of two overlapping events: "Tutorial on Engineering 
Applications of Neutron Diffraction" and "Symposium on Fundamental Studies 
of Materials Phenomena Using Neutrons."

The tutorial is well suited for researchers at all levels, including those 
without previous experience in neutron scattering. Graduate students and 
postdoctoral fellows are welcome. Within the next five years, the advent of 
the Spallation Neutron Source (SNS) at Oak Ridge and the construction of 
the VULCAN diffractometer will greatly expand capabilities in measurement 
speed and spatial resolution. This new instrument will have a neutron 
intensity at least ten times higher than what is currently available and 
will make possible exciting new areas such as the determination of the 
time-dependent response of materials. The tutorial will bring these 
advances to the attention of both the academic and industrial science and 
engineering communities, provide a tutorial environment in which to teach 
potential users the state of the art, and promote an increase in the user 

The symposium will introduce the capabilities of nextgeneration, 
neutronscattering instruments and identify new and exciting research 
opportunities that will have a high impact on metals, ceramics, and 
engineering sciences. The first day of the symposium will be linked with 
the tutorial to provide a framework for understanding the capabilities of 
the future state of neutron scattering. The second day will be devoted to 
concentrated focus groups, with the goal of identifying new roles for 
neutron scattering in materials science research that will have a high 
impact on the field. The focus groups will include both neutron scattering 
and materials science experts from academia, national laboratories, and 
industries. A publication on future directions in the field in professional 
and appropriate trade journals will result. The larger goal is to promote 
interactions among neutron and materials scientists that will form the 
foundation for joint research ventures and will contribute to the 
instrumentation being proposed for development at the SNS.

Additional information and an application form are available at A single registration fee covers both 
the tutorial and the symposium and a limited number of scholarships are 
available. Financial support is provided by Oak Ridge Associated 
Universities (ORAU), the University of Tennessee, Oak Ridge National 
Laboratory, the Georgia Institute of Technology, and North Carolina State 

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