LLB call for proposals (1/10/01)

LLB-Orphee (CEA-CNRS) menl at llb.saclay.cea.fr
Thu Sep 13 13:56:04 CDT 2001

The next session of 2001's Selection Committees at Laboratoire Leon Brillouin
(CEA-Saclay, France) for experiment performed beginning 2002 will soon takes place.

The deadline for submission of proposals for beam time allocation,
on our 26 spectrometers installed around the ORPHEE reactor, is :
                      October 1st 2001

       All details for submission are on our Web site : 

Alain Menelle               I Tel1 : 33-(0)1-69-08-96-99
Laboratoire Leon Brillouin  I Tel2 : 33-(0)1-69-08-90-20
(CEA-CNRS), CEA Saclay      I Fax  : 33-(0)1-69-08-82-61
91191 Gif-sur-Yvette Cedex  I email: menl at llb.saclay.cea.fr
France                      I

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