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 I was asked to post the attached job on the neutron mailing list.  For
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Tom Worlton


ILL ref. 01/29




The Institut Laue-Langevin (ILL) is an international research institute
funded by France, Germany and the United Kingdom. Agreements on scientific
collaboration have also been signed with Austria, Italy, Spain, Switzerland,
the Czech Republic and Russia. The Institute operates the most powerful
source of neutrons in the world, a 58 MW reactor, which was completely
refurbished in 1995. The reactor forms the basis for a programme of research
covering a wide variety of fields, supplying neutrons to a broad range of
instruments which are available to scientists from the member countries.


Directly attached to the Head of the Projects and Techniques Division the
successful candidate is responsible for the development, preparation,
characterisation,  provision (supply) and maintenance of neutron optical
devices such as crystal monochromators, neutron polarisers and multilayer
mirrors needed for the neutron instruments at the ILL.

He/she will work in collaboration with ILL scientists on technical solutions
to their requests in neutron optics instrumentation. He/she will be creative
and inventive in the implementation of new and unconventional solutions.

The Optics Group of the ILL provides a group of 12 scientists, engineers and
technicians, and the financial resources necessary to accomplish these


Qualifications and experience:

*          PhD in Physics, Material Science or equivalent

*          Experience in thin film production, crystallography and neutron
techniques advantageous but not essential

*          Experience in the management of human resources


Knowledge of French and/or German would be appreciated.
This post is permanent.
In addition to a competitive salary, certain additional benefits
(reimbursement of removal expenses, adaptation allowance, etc.) may be

Further information can be obtained by contacting the head of the Projects
and Techniques Division, Dr. A. Heidemann, tel: (33); e-mail:
heidemann at

An application with curriculum vitae, a list of publications and the names
of two academic referees should be sent, quoting reference 01/29, no later
than 31.01.2002 to : 

The Head of Personnel

B.P. 156 - 38042 Grenoble Cedex 9 - France


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