[Neutron] EPDIC 'Under the Bonnet' Powder diffraction Software Workshop, 1s t Sep 2006, Geneva, Switzerland

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Mon Jan 9 12:49:58 CST 2006

The following workshop (just prior to the EPDIC conference) also
has a variety of talks relevant to neutron scatters using powder
diffraction and total scattering methods.



                  First Announcement:
EPDIC 'Under the Bonnet' Powder diffraction Software Workshop,
1st Sept 2006, Geneva, Switzerland

Use Software for Powder diffraction? Want to know which program to use
for a particular application? Want to hear from the developers what
great engine they have got hiding under that pretty GUI? Get direct
feedback to your questions from the Developers themselves. Contribute to
the discussion of code extensions and the next generation.

   'Under the Bonnet' Powder Diffraction Software Workshop
         8:50am to 6:00pm, Friday, 1st September 2006
     Uni Mail, University of Geneva, Geneva, Switzerland
     (just prior, and in the same venue, as the EPDIC 10
          European powder diffraction conference)

Workshop webpage:

   - Simon Billinge    (billinge at pa.msu.edu)
   - Lachlan Cranswick (lachlan.cranswick at nrc.gc.ca)


Workshop Aims

To have powder diffraction software developers present the advanced
features in their indexing, solution and refinement programs. To help
participants answer the following questions about the programs: what
does it do? why/when should I use it? how/where can I use/get it? what
is under the bonnet?

Morning tea/coffee/snacks and afternoon tea/coffee/snacks are provided
as part of the workshop. The breaks are designed to allow a generous
amount of time for informal discussion.

The workshop will conclude with a round table discussion chair by Robert
McGreevy with the theme:

 "Where does algorithms development have to go for indexing, solution and
 refinement in powder diffraction."


Talks and speakers confirmed as of early January 2006 are:

 GSAS: Under the hood
    * Robert Von Dreele

 BRASS: unter der Motorhaube
    * Johannes Birkenstock

 Jana: pod kapotou
    * Vaclav Petricek

 EXPO: sotto il cappuccio
    * Carmelo Giacovazzo

 Fox: sous le capot
    * Vincent Favre-Nicolin

 PDFFIT and Discus: unter der Motorhaube
    * Thomas Proffen

 MAUD: sotto il cappuccio
    * Luca Lutterotti

 SARAh: under the bonnet
    * Andrew Wills

 RMCProfile: under the bonnet
    * Matt Tucker

 Model-free Aberration Correction: Under the bonnet
    * Vladimir Kogan

 Derivative Difference Minimization (DDM): pod kapotom
    * Leonid Solovyov

 BGMN: unter der Motorhaube
    * Joerg Bergmann

 McMaille: sous le capot
    * Armel Le Bail

 DASH: under the bonnet
    * Bill David

 XND: sous le capot
    * Jean-Francois Berar

 DANSE: under the hood
    * Michael Aivazis

 Fullprof and CrysFML: debajo de la cap
    * Juan Rodriguez-Carvajal,


Speakers have been requested to follow the following guidelines for
their talks:

    * Overview of functionality of the program
      (i.e., what does it do?) (3 mins)
    * Features that differentiate the program
      (e.g., good for magnetic scattering, large organics, fundamental
       parameters for profiles, etc. etc.)(i.e., why/when should I use it?)
       (3 mins)
    * Summary of implementation
      (e.g., language, platform, gui/cmd line) (i.e., how/where can I
       use/get it?) (3 minutes)
    * Description of 2-3 favorite algorithm/implementation tricks
      (what is under the bonnet?) (6 minutes)



Registration for the workshop is done via the EPDIC meeting registration
form. Information about the EPDIC conference is on the web at:


Lachlan M. D. Cranswick
Canadian Neutron Beam Centre, 
National Research Council Canada
Building 459, Chalk River Laboratories,
Chalk River ON, Canada, K0J 1J0

Centre canadien de faisceaux de neutrons, 
Conseil national de recherches Canada
Édifice 459, Laboratoires de Chalk River,
Chalk River (ON), Canada, K0J 1J0

(613) 584-8811 ext 3719 ; C2: ext 3039
facsimile / télécopieur : (613) 584-4040     
E-mail: lachlan.cranswick at nrc.gc.ca / courriel: lachlan.cranswick at cnrc.gc.ca
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