[Neutron] NCNR SANS and Reflectivity summer school

Paul Butler butler at nist.gov
Mon Apr 17 17:40:10 CDT 2006

Registration is still open for the NCNR/NSF sponsored Summer School on Small Angle 
Neutron Scattering (SANS) and Neutron Reflectometry (NR).  The summer school will take 
place June 26-30.  Registration deadline is April 28.  Some financial assistance is 
available for graduate student applicants from North American universities.  Registration 
and details are available at http://www.ncnr.nist.gov/summerschool/ss06/

Since 1995, The NIST center for neutron research hosts an annual summer school, sponsored 
in part by the National Science Foundation, with the alternating themes of inelastic 
scattering one year and SANS/UltraSANS (USANS) and reflectometry the next.  These schools 
emphasize hands on training with plenty of experiments scheduled on both instrument 
types.  These are world-class facilities for the examination of bulk and interfacial 
microstructure on a scale from roughly 1 to over 500 nm, even into the micron regime with 
USANS, and are available to any qualified researchers who submit experiment proposals for 
peer review. This weeklong course will provide potential new users of these techniques 
with a basic understanding of the fundamental concepts and methodology along with hands-
on training in the use of the SANS and NR facilities at the NCNR.   Applications of the 
techniques will be illustrated by specific examples drawn from recent research in polymer 
science, complex fluids, microporous media, magnetism, and structural biology.  The 
course will enable attendees to assess the applicability of the techniques, and the 
NCNR's instruments, to their own research interests and provide technical information 
needed to prepare effective experiment proposals.  This year's school will follow the 
ACNS meeting in Chicago which is being held the prior week (June 19-22). 

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