[Neutron] Mfit package - who is using it?

Peter Willendrup peter.willendrup at risoe.dk
Thu May 11 14:40:25 EDT 2006

Hello everyone,

The Mfit fitting and data analysis package, currently hosted at the ILL
(http://www.ill.fr/tas/matlab/doc/mfit4/index.html) has been intensively
used by neutron scatterers based at and associated with Risoe.

Recently, we have discovered several bugs and annoyances and would like
to do something about them, hence have agreed with the current
maintainer Emmanuel Farhi (ILL) to collaborate on development and
support. This would include more frequent software updates, an updated
website plus a dedicated mailinglist.

Therefore, I would very much like to recieve feedback on current usage
of the package outside of Risoe, before deciding to take on this task.

Best regards,

Peter Willendrup

Peter Willendrup <peter.willendrup at risoe.dk>
Risø National Laboratory

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