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ACNS 2006 http://acns2006.anl.gov/ 

Tutorials http://acns2006.anl.gov/Tutorials/index.html 

There are 3 tutorials scheduled for Sunday, June 18, prior to the start
of ACNS 2006. The tutorial on "Neutron Scattering for Materials Study"
was the last one to be organized and currently requires additional
attendees. The tutorial will not be given if no more than 10 people are
registered attendees by the end of next week, May 26. If you are
interested in attending this tutorial, please register by Friday, May

Neutron Scattering for Materials Study 

Presenters: Peter K. Liaw & Hahn Choo , Department of Materials Science
and Engineering, Rm. 427-B and 318, Dougherty Engineering Building, The
University of Tennessee, Knoxville, Tennessee 37996-2200 Campus ext:
865-974-6356 and 3643, fax: 865-974-4115 

The application of neutron diffraction in studying engineering materials
becomes increasingly important due to its unique ability to provide the
microscopic information concerning the microstructural features and
mechanical behaviors of advanced materials and composites. The tutorial
will be held at The 2006 American Conference on Neutron Scattering, St.
Charles, Illinois, to provide a forum for the presentation and
discussion of recent experimental and modeling results. 


1.	* Fundamentals of Neutron Studies - Ian Anderson 



2.	* Engineering Diffraction - Ron Rogge 



3.	* Small Angle Diffraction - Xun-Li Wang 



4.	* Theoretical Modeling - Mark Daymond 



5.	* Neutron Diffraction Applications - Cam Hubbard 



6.	* Neutron Studies of Materials Behavior - Don Brown 



Participants will be limited to the first 30 individuals to sign up;
send an e-mail to both Ms. Roberta Campbell and Peter K. Liaw to


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