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Dear Neutron List members,
the registration deadline for the VIII INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL OF NEUTRON
1st July 2006. 
- Detailed information and registration:  http://www.fis.uniroma3.it/sns_fpr
- E-mail contact: sns_fpr at uniroma3.it
- Starting date : 25 Sept 2006  Ending date:  6 Oct 2006
- Location of school : Hotel Flamingo ,  Santa Margherita di Pula
(Sardegna), CA 09010 ITALY
- School Directors: 
Prof. Dante Gatteschi, Department of Chemistry, University of Florence,
Prof. Paolo G. Radaelli, ISIS Facility, RAL, UK

- Lecturers:
Jane Brown
Roberto Caciuffo
Juan Rodriguez Carvajal
Laurent Chapon
Arsene Gukasov
Gian Piero Felcher
Dante Gatteschi
Hans-Ulrich Guedel
Toby Perring
Paolo Radaelli
Roberto Triolo
Albrecht Wiedenmann
Marco Zoppi

- Aim of the School

This school, established in 1994, is primarily addressed to graduate
students or postdoctoral with an interest in Neutron Scattering. The School
will comprise lectures, tutorials and hands-on data analysis sessions,
covering diverse aspects of Neutron Scattering, but with an emphasis on
techniques and instrumentation designed to study the Structure and Dynamics
of Magnetic Systems. The School will commence on Monday, September 25th
2006, with a series of introductory lectures covering the fundamental
aspects of neutron scattering and neutron instrumentation. During the next
few days, a series of lectures will provide the basis to understand Magnetic
Symmetry, Magnetic Structure Description, Solution and Refinement from
powder and single crystals data, Spin Density Determination using polarised
neutron techniques, Neutron Polarimetry, Magnetic Small-Angle Neutron
Scattering,  Magnetic Neutron Reflectometry and Inelastic Neutron Scattering
from Single-Ion, Magnetic Clusters and Collective Magnetic Excitations. Each
of these topics will be expanded in a series of tutorials, to be held in
small groups, which will also include hands-on data analysis sessions.  The
combination of introductory lectures, scientific sessions and training in
scattering techniques will provide participants with a unique opportunity to
become familiar with neutron scattering methods and their applications to
current research topics.  

- There are 40 places available for students attending the school. Those who
have pre-registered will be offered places preferentially in the event that
the School is oversubscribed. Applicants will be notified if they have been
accepted for the School by 10th July 2006.

- Bursaries, provided from the sponsors, will be available for the purpose
of increasing the participation of international and national research
scientists. These may be used to cover attendant's expenses such as hotel,
travel, etc. Total travel and subsistence expenses are usually not provided.

Best Regards

Roberto Senesi

Roberto Senesi
Università degli Studi di Roma Tor Vergata
Dipartimento di Fisica
roberto.senesi at roma2.infn.it
tel: +39-06-7259-4549
fax: +39-06-2023507

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