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The Clifford G. Shull Fellowship Program is aimed at attracting new
scientific talent to the Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) and its
neutron science programs, making it possible for these outstanding new
scientists to continue on the path to excellence while substantially
contributing to ORNL and U.S. Department of Energy missions and goals.
The Shull Fellowship is open to fields of science and engineering that
further advances in neutron science.  Shull Fellows are expected to
provide valuable stimuli to the research efforts of the Laboratory, make
available the most recent developments of university science and
engineering departments, and represent the Laboratory to its sponsors
and collaborators in the scientific community.


The Shull Fellowship Program is directed to recent doctoral degree
recipients of exceptional ability who show clear and definite promise of
becoming outstanding leaders in scientific research and development.
The Program will provide them with the opportunity to:

*	develop neutron science programs in areas of national importance
*	pursue research programs within their areas of interest and
*	collaborate with Laboratory R&D staff and distinguished
*	have access to Laboratory expertise, facilities, and programs


Shull Fellows carry out and develop research programs to enhance the
knowledge of the structure or dynamical behavior of advanced materials
using neutron scattering as a primary tool; work with scientists in ORNL
and other research institutions on collaborative research programs using
neutron scattering experiments; educate and promote the use of neutron
scattering to new user communities; publish research results in
scientific journals; and assist Spallation Neutron Source and High Flux
Isotope Reactor instrument scientists and design teams in the
development of new instrumentation to meet research program goals.


Each applicant must be the recipient of an earned doctorate and must be
no more than three years beyond the doctorate. Applicants should not
have previously served more than one postdoctoral appointment.  Current
ORNL postdoctoral appointees and staff members cannot be considered as
valid applicants.  A Ph.D. in materials science, materials engineering,
chemistry, physics, biology or a related field is required.  Candidates
with expertise in nano materials are particularly welcome, and those
with strong processing or characterization skills are also encouraged to
apply.  Previous experience in neutron or X-ray scattering techniques is
a plus.  Strong written and oral communication skills and the desire to
work in a team environment on scientifically challenging problems are


ORNL is an equal opportunity employer and is committed to workforce
diversity; women and minorities are strongly encouraged to apply.
Applicants need not be U.S. citizens.


For more information and to apply online: www.sns.gov/shullfellowship.
Applications will be accepted until September 30, 2006.





Bob Martin
Oak Ridge National Laboratory
PO BOX 2008 MS6478
SNS Human Resources Office
Building 8600, MS 6478, Room C-458
Oak Ridge, TN 37831-6478
(865) 241-2950
(865) 241-6660 (fax)
martinrg at sns.gov


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