[Neutron] NOBUGS Conference Update (text version)

Carl A Lionberger CALionberger at lbl.gov
Fri Aug 25 17:36:37 CDT 2006

NOBUGS  Conference Update 8/23/2006 (please forward this to others who may 
be interested)

We invite IT professionals to come to the beautiful San Francisco Bay Area 
to join us in a conference on Experimental Scientific Facility Software 
known as the NOBUGS conference. The conference is to take place October 2 
through 4, 2006.

It is time to get your registrations, reservations and abstracts in. Time 
is getting short.

Early Registration Open till September 1 ($295) 
Late Registration September 2-23 ($345)
Talk/Poster Abstract Submission Deadline September 1 
Hotel reservation deadline: September 10

Conference Dates - Oct 2-4 2006  (http://nobugs2006.lbl.gov/)

The conference seeks to improve the user's scientific productivity by 
focusing on the interaction between the experimenter and the facilities' 
infrastructures, apparatus, and data.

NOBUGS 2006 features oral and poster presentations of the latest 
developments in data acquisition, data analysis, user interface design and 
general computer science as is relevant to users and programmers working at 
scientific facilities.

Please submit your abstracts by SEPTEMBER 1 at 

The conference topics include, but are not limited to:

     New technologies useful to Beamline Systems
     Data Acquisition
     Automatic Beamline Alignment
     Data Management
     Data Formats
     Data Analysis
     Data Visualization
     Instrument Simulation
     Automatisation of Experiments
     Biocomputing at Facilities
     Graphical User Interfaces
     WWW Application Development
     Remote Control of Data Aquisition and Data Analysis Tasks
     Distributed Computing
     Programming Techniques
     User Facility Management
     Facility Security
     Scientific Databases
     Collaborative Initiatives

Previous Conferences:

     NOBUGS 1 ( at ILL, 
     NOBUGS 2 at Argonne National Laboratory, Chicago, USA
     NOBUGS 3 (http://srs.dl.ac.uk/nobugs/nobugs3/) at Daresbury 
Laboratory, United Kingdom
     NOBUGS 4 (http://webster.ncnr.nist.gov/events/nobugs2002" "general) at 
NIST, Gaithersburg, USA
     NOBUGS 5 (http://lns00.psi.ch/nobugs2004/) at PSI (http://www.psi.ch), 

-- Alan Biocca
    Conference Chairperson
     ALS Controls Group Leader
     Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

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