[Neutron] Workshop on Dynamics of Molecules and Materials (31 Jan - 02 Feb 2007, Grenoble, France)

Alexandre Ivanov aivanov at ill.fr
Fri Nov 10 09:47:51 CST 2006

Dear Colleague,

We draw your attention to the International Workshop on the
Dynamics of Molecules and Materials (DMM) to be held in Grenoble
at the ILL/ESRF site from Wednesday 31 January to Friday 2 February  
See http://www.ill.fr/Events/DMM/ for more details and registration.

The Workshop will bring together scientists studying complex materials
and molecular systems that are typically available as polycrystalline,
nanoscale and amorphous materials rather than single crystals.
Insight into the intrinsic dynamical properties of these materials
can be obtained either by an integrated dynamic response such as
a phonon density of states or through selected, individual phonons.

Inelastic neutron scattering experiments on dedicated time-of-flight
and filter-analyser instruments provide high quality data of the
inelastic structure factor S(Q,w) and vibrational densities of states
in the energy domain from a few meV to a few hundred meV, which serve
as input to, and constraints of, models of atomic bonding and even
structural models of these complex compounds. The Workshop will
highlight the existing experimental capabilities at ILL (IN1, IN4, IN6),
ISIS (TOSCA, MARI) and elsewhere as well as available computational
resources. Naturally, while emphasising neutron scattering based  
we will give sufficient space to optical and X-ray spectroscopy in order
to understand what the whole community needs to enable insight into
complex materials.

The Workshop programme will comprise scientific sessions, where current
and future science will be discussed, and technical sessions, evaluating
current and future neutron scattering instrumentation needs. The  
session topics will include: radiation scattering techniques and
instrumentation (neutron, optical, X-ray); materials (H-containing,
catalysts and zeolites, biological matter etc.); molecular dynamics
as a means to understand the structure of complex compounds and
enhancement of the research output via simultaneous use of simulations
and experiment.

The list of invited speakers includes:
P.Albers         (Frankfurt,  Germany)
V.Antonov      (Chernogolovka,  Russia)
C.Brown         (Gaithersburg,  USA)
D.Bull              (Salford, UK)
A.Chumakov  (ESRF Grenoble,  France)
R.Ford             (Manchester, UK)
H.Jobic           (Villeurbanne,  France)
A.Kolesnikov (Argonne,  USA)
J.Larese         (Knoxville, USA)
D.Lennon       (Glasgow,  UK)
F.Merzel         (Ljubliana,  Slovenia)
F.Mulder         (Delft, The Netherlands)
S.Rols             (ILL Grenoble,  France)
L.Ulivi              (Firenze,  Italy)
C.Ulrich          (Stuttgart, Germany)

In order to promote participation of scientists from the European
Community , there will be some grants available for travel and
accomodation. Preference will be given to students and post-docs.

The Workshop is organized jointly by the Institut Laue-Langevin, France
and the ISIS Facility, United Kingdom (A.S.Ivanov, M.R.Johnson,  
and will be held at the premises of the European Synchrotron
Radiation Facility at the common ILL-ESRF site in Grenoble.

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