[Neutron] Water content and Isotope measurements?

Stephan Rella stephanrella at gmail.com
Fri Nov 24 23:38:49 CST 2006

Dear members,

I am not a neutron physicist, but would like to discuss with you two
questions I have.

1) What do you think of possibilities in using neutron physics in
detemining the water content in muddy material, or more precisely in
sediments from lakes for example.
Do you think this is theoretically possible, and if yes how can it be
done? What would be the error in such measurements (probably this
depends on several factors).

2) I have read that neutron physics may be employed in receiving
quantitative information on the isotope content of materials. Do you
think that in such a way also the isotope content of shells can be
found (carbonate content, C isotopes, O isotopes). Again what would be
the measurement error and how could the measurement be performed?

Thank you very much for your suggestions and explanations.

Sending you my best wishes from Japan,

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