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Instrument Systems Scientific Associate

The Neutron Scattering Science Division (NSSD) at Oak Ridge National
Laboratory invites applications for an Instrument Systems Scientific
Associate. The NSSD includes both the Spallation Neutron Source (SNS)
and the High Flux Isotope Reactor (HFIR). The Neutron Scattering
Instrument Scientist will perform experiments at both the SNS and HFIR.
The neutron scattering facility at the HFIR has recently undergone a
major expansion with the addition of the cold neutron source. The
facility will have eleven instruments operating by the end of 2008 with
four more beginning development. Eight are thermal neutron scattering
instruments in the reactor building and seven are cold neutron
instruments in an adjacent guide hall. Research at the facilities will
encompass the physical, chemical, materials, biological, and medical

Responsibilities & Qualifications
Successful candidate will serve as a technical specialist in assisting
users and HFIR personnel with operation of the neutron scattering
instrumentation. In addition, the HFIR Instrument Support Group is
responsible for the conceptual design and commissioning, of the neutron
scattering instrumentation and sample environment equipment as well as
providing technical support during fabrication, testing, installation,
and operation of various systems and components for the neutron
scattering instruments.

Major duties and responsibilities:
* Works with and provides technical assistance to users and HFIR
Instrument Scientists in the performance of experiments and analyses.
* Serves as the technical specialist for the operation and maintenance
of sophisticated equipment used for neutron scattering.
* Conceives, designs, and develops improvements or changes in neutron
scattering instrument components or in other related equipment.
* Ensures facilities are under safe and environmentally sound
conditions, and ensures that users perform their experiments in a safe
and environmentally sound manner.
* Develops and presents general facility records, reports, and analyses.
* Proposes, develops, and presents procedures for operating and
maintaining sophisticated equipment.
* Plans and leads in the testing and evaluation of new or developmental
* May supervise or direct technicians, craft workers, and less
experienced scientific associates.
* Assist with the quality assurance, assembly, and testing of instrument
* Participates in the setup and operation of computer-controlled
* Identifies needs and specifies requirements for instrument hardware
and software.
* Participates with other group members in developing goals, resource
plans, and policies for the group.
* Ensures compliance with environment, safety, health, and quality
program requirements including ISMS.
* Maintains a strong commitment to the implementation and perpetuation
of values and ethics.

The successful candidate must have an MS degree plus 2 years of
experience or equivalent or BS degree and 5 years experience or
equivalent in science or engineering. Good communications and
interpersonal skills required. Ability to work in a team environment
required. Demonstrated computer literacy including proficiency in word
processing and communications skills required. Direct experience working
on neutron scattering instruments and related systems such as vacuum,
magnets, water, power distribution, and instrumentation/controls is
highly desirable. Must be capable of working with scientists and
engineers from verbal or written instructions. Must have demonstrated
the ability to bridge the gap between other technical disciplines during
installation, commissioning, and operations. Periods of moderate travel
and overtime will be required.

No Clearance is required for this position. 

Relocation assistance is available for this position. 

Candidates who identify themselves as 3161-eligible will be required to 
supply appropriate documentation upon request. 

Equal Opportunity Employer 

Interested and qualified applicants are highly recommended to apply
Best Regards,

Paul Adams 

Sr. Technical Recruiter

Oak Ridge National Laboratory
* P.O. Box 2008, Oak Ridge, TN 37831
* E-Mail : pao at ornl.gov
* Phone : 865.576.0350
* Fax :     865.574.4441


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