[Neutron] Inexpensive CCD neutron alignment camera

Alan Hewat hewat at ill.fr
Fri Jun 22 10:43:44 CDT 2007

I am about to undertake the construction of a second batch of inexpensive CCD neutron alignment cameras - and would welcome expressions of interest from other labs in obtaining such cameras. The cost will depend on the number of cameras in the new batch, but should not exceed 1500 €.

More than 30 of these simple cameras have already been made for ILL instruments, and requests have been received from other reactor (Missouri) and spallation (SNS) neutron sources. The camera can be seen at the European Conference on Neutron Scattering at Lund  25-29 June, and is described on http://icsd.ill.fr/neutron/ 

Dr Alan Hewat, ILL Grenoble, FRANCE<hewat at ill.fr>fax+33.476.20.76.48
+33.476.20.72.13 (.26 Mme Guillermet)  http://www.ill.fr/dif/people/hewat/

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