[Neutron] Short Course on: X-ray Line Profile Analysis by Prof. T. Ungar

Hahn Choo (ORNL) chooh at ornl.gov
Wed Aug 1 15:52:37 CDT 2007

Dear colleague:


Prof. Tamas Ungar (Eotvos University Budapest) will visit Dept. of Materials
Science and Engineering at the University of Tennessee during Aug 6-17.  He
will give a series of lectures on "X-ray line profile analysis for the
characterization of microstructure in crystalline materials".  The lecture
video and ppt slides will be broadcast live via web and also archived
shortly after each lecture for public access. The web link is:


(Also, check out last year's event at:
id=147&Itemid=147> &task=view&id=147&Itemid=147)


This short course is a part of the education and outreach activities that
ANSWER is organizing.  ANSWER (Advanced Neutron Scattering netWork for
Education and Research) is an International Materials Institutes Program
supported by the U.S. National Science Foundation at the University of
Tennessee and Oak Ridge National Laboratory.  If you have any questions
regarding this event or ANSWER program, please contact one of the PIs (P.
Liaw: pliaw at utk.edu, H. Choo: hchoo at utk.edu, C. R. Hubbard:
hubbardcr at ornl.gov, or X.-L. Wang: wangxl at ornl.gov).


Best Regards,

Hahn Choo


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