[Neutron] ANSTO Workshop "Pushing Small-Angle Neutron Scattering at OPAL to Smaller Q" 15-16 November 2007

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Wed Sep 5 18:01:14 CDT 2007

Dear Colleague,


We would like to call your attention to our international workshop


          Pushing Small-Angle Neutron Scattering at OPAL to Smaller Q

            15-16 November 2007

            ANSTO, The Bragg Institute, Menai NSW, Australia



Small-angle neutron scattering (SANS) provides unique insight into
hierarchical structures of materials. In addition, there is a number of
methods (USANS, VSANS, SESANS) for extending the experimentally measurable
range to length scales between ~ 10 Å and ~ 10 mm. Thus, multilevel
structures in solids and liquids, reflecting not only nanometer-sized
molecules and particles, but also mm-sized aggregates and agglomerates can
be probed via neutron diffraction. Fields of interest include but are not
limited to: Polymer blends, colloids, coals, complex fluids, hydrogels,
porous materials, nanocomposites, and cements.


The purpose of the ANSTO workshop is to demonstrate U/V/SE SANS techniques
to Australian industry, government and universities, and to make a start on
defining specifications for a new instrument at the OPAL reactor.


In particular, we will discuss the science case, the capabilities of current
instruments employing different techniques, instrumental features demanded
by users as well as options for improvement. The workshop will be concluded
by a brainstorming session where we would like to draft a report on the
scientific and technical requirements for the next OPAL instrument. For this
we seek for comments, suggestions, ideas etc. of all workshop attendees.


There will be an opportunity for all attendees to present their scientific
needs and visions.


Please visit our websites



            to find more information as well as



            to register for the workshop.



Researchers from AINSE member organizations are eligible for travel and
accommodation support.


We are looking forward to welcoming you to ANSTO!



Best regards,


Christine Rehm

Workshop Convener




Dr. Christine Rehm

Instrument Scientist

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