[Neutron] EASY access to the ILL beam time

SUARD Emmanuelle suard at ill.fr
Thu Sep 20 13:18:32 CDT 2007

Dear Colleague,

The ILL proposal round is over but don't forget that EASY access is open 
all the time.

The Easy Access System (EASY) will grant diffraction beamtime
to scientists from ILL member countries, who need a rapid structural
characterisation of samples and data analysis. Access is open all
year long, and it is not necessary to go through the ILL standard
proposal round and consequent peer review system.

The system – already operational in other neutron scattering facilities
such as ISIS – offers one neutron day per cycle, on four instruments
(D1A, D2B, VIVALDI and ORIENTEXPRESS) to perform very short experiments
(a maximum of 4h per cycle) at room temperature. The users will not be
invited to the ILL, but will send their samples to one of two designated
ILL scientists (one for powder and one for single-crystal experiments),
who will be responsible for the measurements and sample radiological
control. The ILL will ship back the sample once the measurement is

You can apply for EASY beam time on club.ill.fr now! Not only regular
ILL users but also new users are strongly encouraged to apply.

You can apply for EASY beam time on the Visitors Club web-site.
More information is available at 

Dr Emmanuelle Suard, ILL, Diffraction group, D2B responsible
Phone +33/ (0)4 76 20 71 64
email: suard at ill.fr

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