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Patrick Gallagher patrick.gallagher at nist.gov
Tue Nov 27 10:59:05 CST 2007

It with a deep sense of loss that I must share the news that our friend and
colleague, Sam Trevino, has passed away from cancer.  Sam was a research
scientist with the U.S. Army Research Laboratories, but worked at
NIST/National Bureau of Stds since 1970.  Sam's research included neutron
scattering and modeling studies on explosive and metastable materials and
many other systems of direct interest to the Army.  But he enjoyed very
broad research interests and also worked on (among other things) correlated
electron systems, molecular solids, polymers, and nanocomposites.   Sam
collaborated with a great number of researchers from all over the world, and
had a strong interest in working with young researchers and in teaching.
Sam's humor, laughter, and love of physics were a central part of the NCNR
experience for many.  He will be greatly missed.

Sam died at his home Sunday morning surrounded by his family.  He is
survived by his wife, Julie, his five children, and 11 grandchildren.  The
funeral will be held Wednesday, November 28, in Rockville, MD.  Our thoughts
are with Sam's family and friends at this difficult time.  

Please don't hesitate to contact me if you would like additional

Pat Gallagher

Director, NIST Center for Neutron Research
patrick.gallagher at nist.gov

phone: 301-975-6210
fax: 301-975-8845


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