[Neutron] Neutron scintillators from PSI/TriTec used in the ILL Neutron Alignment Camera

Alan Hewat alan.hewat at neutronoptics.com
Mon Dec 3 14:04:09 CST 2007

PSI and RC-TriTec in Switzerland have developed a new high density neutron
scintillator that we are using in the second version of the neutron
alignment camera, which is finally shipping. This new scintillator appears
to be up to 50% more efficient (to be confirmed). Those who have already
ordered the camera will get the new scintillator as well as new options for
unlimited exposures of weak beams, or millisecond exposures of very high
intensity beams. Further details are on
Dr Alan Hewat, NeutronOptics, Grenoble, FRANCE
<Alan.Hewat at NeutronOptics.com> +33.476.98.41.68
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