[Neutron] Science and Scientists @ ESS: satellite meeting to the ECNS, July 22-23 2011

ECNS2011 ecns2011 at guarant.cz
Tue Apr 5 08:07:46 CEST 2011

Dear colleague, 

Dear ECNS2011 participant,


We wish to alert you specifically to the fact that the ESS satellite
meeting to the European Conference on Neutron Scattering (July 17-22,
2011 in Prague), entitled Science and Scientists @ ESS, will be held in
Prague on 22-23 July 2011. We put out a first announcement a few weeks
ago and the response has been very positive. The facilities which we
have are limited to 170 attendees, and we are committed to a
"first-come, first-served" policy. Already half of the places are taken.


Should you be considering attending this meeting, we encourage you to
decide sooner rather than later and to register on the website:




This will be a very important element in our process for the eventual
selection of the instrument suite for ESS.



With our best wishes


p.p. Marie-Louise Ainalem

on behalf of


Colin Carlile


ESS Director-General


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