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Thu Feb 25 15:48:24 CET 2021

LENS Webinars on Global Health Threats

LENS Pilot Action 3, “Global Health Threats”, is organising a series of 
webinars to engage the biomedical research communities in a discussion 
on how neutron sources, together with other research infrastructures, 
can contribute to solving major health challenges. The webinars will 
look at current research and how neutron scattering studies can 
contribute to improvements in detection and diagnostics as well as the 
development of treatments and prevention methods.


*Thursday 4^th March, 11.00am CET *
*Elucidating amyloid aggregation mechanisms
behind neurodegenerative diseases
**Emma Sparr (Lund University)*

/‘Co-assembly of lipids and the amyloid protein alpha-synuclein’/

*Pau Bernadó (CBS/CNRS Montpellier)*

/‘Structural Bases of Huntington’s Disease Pathological Threshold./

/An Integrative Structural Biology Approach’/

/Chair: Anne Martel, Institut Laue Langevin/

*To participate in the Q&A, please join via Zoom: 
**_https://ill.zoom.us/j/99877481390_* <https://ill.zoom.us/j/99877481390>

*The webinar will also be streamed live****on the LENS website,* 
<https://www.lens-initiative.org/2021/02/18/lens-webinar-9/>*where a 
recording will be available afterwards.***

A LENS webinar series on /Global Health Threats/ runs in parallel with 
the /New Directions in Instrumentation/ series. The next webinars 
*25 March @ 3pm*: /Drug development and drug delivery systems/by Andrey 
Kovalevski (ORNL) & Marianna Yanez Arteta (AstraZeneca Mölndal)

/LENS, //_the League of Advanced European Neutron Sources_/ 
<https://www.lens-initiative.org/>/is a non-profit consortium of 
European neutron facilities with the aim of strengthening European 
science by developing a coherent strategy to meet current and future 
demands of the scientific communities. To ensure excellence, LENS places 
emphasis on the relationship between user communities and funding 
organizations, and the continuous improvement of LENS facilities as well 
as optimizing resources and aligning policies among the partners./

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