[Neutron] Post-doctoral position for small-angle scattering and Ph.D. study position

Adrian Rennie Adrian.Rennie at physics.uu.se
Fri Mar 26 09:36:27 CET 2021

Dear Colleagues,

A post doctoral research position to work on SANS and SAXS with in-situ
spectroscopic measurements and development of analysis for these large
data sets is available.  This is part of a project linking Uppsala
University with ESS (Judith Houston) and Lund University (Cedric
Dicko).  I would be very grateful if the information below was brought
to the atttention of interested candidates.

The links to the position announcement and for the on-line application
are on the University recruitment website:


A position to study for a Ph.D. using primarily neutron techniques to
investigate perfluoralkyl substances in the environment is also
available in a collaboration with Maja Hellsing at RI.SE and Lutz Ahrens
at SLU (funded by SwedNess, the Swedish Graduate School in Neutron


I will be happy to answer informal queries about either of these positions.

Best regards, Adrian Rennie

Adrian R. Rennie
Dept. of Physics & Astronomy, Uppsala University
Box 516
751 20 Uppsala, Sweden

Tel. + 46 18 471 3596

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