[Neutron] New Release of Mantid: 6.1.0

Martyn Gigg - STFC UKRI martyn.gigg at stfc.ac.uk
Thu Jun 3 14:59:14 CEST 2021

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We are proud to announce version 6.1.0 of Mantid.
This is the second release only featuring MantidWorkbench. MantidPlot is no longer included. If you need access to MantidPlot then v5.1.1 can be accessed at our archives<https://download.mantidproject.org/archives.html> page.
This release includes several improvements to the user experience, notably a new widget to display total memory usage and an additional setting to the window behaviour of plots and interfaces.
Other highlights from this release include:

  *   A new LeanElasticPeak object for constant wavelength instruments that is supported in existing algorithms for e.g. peak prediction and integration.
  *   Added setting to allow user to select Floating/On Top behaviour.
  *   Sectors drawn in the instrument viewer can now be used to define wedges for azimuthal averaging of 2D SANS data using Q1DWeighted<https://docs.mantidproject.org/v6.1.0/algorithms/Q1DWeighted-v1.html#algm-q1dweighted>.
  *   ConvertUnits<https://docs.mantidproject.org/v6.1.0/algorithms/ConvertUnits-v1.html#algm-convertunits> algorithm has been extended to use diffractometer constants from instrument calibration.
  *   New algorithm GeneratePythonFitScript<https://docs.mantidproject.org/v6.1.0/algorithms/GeneratePythonFitScript-v1.html#algm-generatepythonfitscript> allows the creation of a python script for sequential fitting.
  *   New algorithm in development, CalculateMultipleScattering<https://docs.mantidproject.org/v6.1.0/algorithms/CalculateMultipleScattering-v1.html#algm-calculatemultiplescattering>, to calculate multiple scattering corrections.

These are just some of the many improvements in this release, so please take a look at the release notes, which are filled with details of the important changes and improvements in many areas. The development team has put a great effort into making all of these improvements within Mantid, and we would like to thank all of our beta testers for their time and effort helping us to make this another reliable version of Mantid. Please keep on reporting any problems you have, or crashes that occur on our forum<https://forum.mantidproject.org>

Installation packages can be found on our download page<https://download.mantidproject.org> which now links to sourceforge to mirror our download files around the world, you can also access the source code on GitHub release page<https://github.com/mantidproject/mantid/releases/tag/v6.1.0>.
Installation at ISIS:
The version of mantid will remain pinned at 6.0.0 on IDAaaS. We will be in contact with the IDAaaS team to arrange the updates as required by each group after the current cycle ends.

Kind regards,

The Mantid Team

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