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Boris Khaykovich bkh at mit.edu
Tue Jul 13 20:41:43 CEST 2021

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Boris Khaykovich
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Nuclear Reactor Laboratory
NW13-242, 77 Massachusetts Ave., Cambridge, MA 02139, USA
Phone: +617-253-2861
e-mail: bkh at mit.edu<mailto:bkh at mit.edu>


Postdoctoral Associate, MIT Nuclear Reactor Laboratory (http://nrl.mit.edu). The MIT Research Reactor (MITR) is the primary experimental facility of Nuclear Reactor Laboratory and one of five U.S High-Performance Research Reactors. We are developing high-efficiency neutron diffractometers suitable for both large national neutron facilities and small university research reactors. We are building a novel high-resolution neutron diffractometer at the MITR. Unlike existing powder and engineering diffractometers, which operate with monochromatic beam, we will use polychromatic beam and multiple bent perfect crystal analyzers. The use of the polychromatic beam will allow combining several analyzers to increase the signal rate or allow to measure several components of the stress tensor at once. The Postdoctoral Associate will participate in all aspects of the instrument building, testing, and demonstration. The work will include finalizing the design, assembling instrument components (focusing analyzers, position-sensitive detectors, oscillating collimators, etc.), enabling the instrument-control software, testing and commissioning of the facility. Also, we are designing a focusing SANS diffractometer, which will use focusing mirrors to enable a compact SANS instrument suitable for a university-based research reactor. This project will require ray-tracing optimization of the design parameters of the mirrors and other beam-conditioning optics and conducting initial tests.

This position is available now and subject to one-year term with possible renewal on annual basis.

Job Requirements:          A PhD degree in nuclear engineering, mechanical engineering, physics, or another related field is required. Interest and experience are required in hands-on experimentation with neutron or X-ray diffraction or small-angle scattering, and a good understanding of neutron diffractometers inner workings. Please submit your full resume (and up to 3 papers potentially relevant to this project). Must be able to work effectively both as a team member and independently. Must be able to keep to schedules and deadlines.

Please apply using this link: https://careers.peopleclick.com/careerscp/client_mit/external/jobDetails/jobDetail.html?jobPostId=20312&localeCode=en-us.
Please contact Dr. Boris Khaykovich (bkh at mit.edu<mailto:bkh at mit.edu>) with questions.

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