[Neutron] Job opportunity for Radiation Protection Technician at European Spallation Source ERIC

Karin Vandenborre karin.vandenborre at ess.eu
Wed Jul 21 15:37:26 CEST 2021

The European Spallation Source, ESS, a partnership of European countries, is hiring motivated and inspired people to plan, design, and construct the world’s most powerful neutron source. We seek ambitious, talented people in different fields who are excited about playing a part in the future of science in Europe.

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ESS is now looking for a Radiation Protection Technician for Radiation Protection group organised within the Environment, Health, Safety & Quality (ESH&Q) directorate.

The Radiation protection group is a dedicated team of passionate colleagues and experts in radiation protection that prepares and follows up radiation protection for the ESS facility.

At ESS the Radiation Protection group consists of a radiation protection expert function, the operational radiation protection team and radiation protection services including radioactive waste management. During the commissioning period the Radiation Protection group works in a flexible way; staff and activities in the upcoming years will expand according to the needs of the ESS organisation, one of them being the operational radiation protection team that deals with day to day radiation protection tasks.

Job description
The commissioning of the first part of the ESS proton accelerator will start during autumn 2021 and will continue with consecutive commissioning until neutron beams are delivered to the experimental stations. As our Radiation Protection Technician, you will be dedicated to follow up radiation protection tasks in the ESS facility which includes the accelerator, the target station and the experimental stations.

As a member of the operational radiation protection team you will make sure that portable radiation detection equipment is functioning properly and perform radiation and contamination surveys. You take part in the ALARA preparation and follow-up various activities in radiation areas and storage areas for radioactive material or waste. This includes the approval of radiation work permits and industrial radiography requests, take part in the work and dose planning of workers, exchange of dosimeters for workers, work places and environmental monitoring as well as the record keeping of dosimetry measurements. You will instruct ESS employees and others in proper radiation protection procedures, maintain survey records in our radiological monitoring program, carry out routine calibration checks of radiation detection equipment, perform and advise employees in the decontamination of spaces and equipment and the handling, packaging, storing, and shipping of radioactive wastes and radioactive material.

You will be expected to work outside normal working hours in the on-call program of the radiation protection group.

To be a successful candidate the following qualifications are required:

  *   A technical diploma in radiation protection or equivalent
  *   Demonstrated experience using strong team building skills
  *   Good knowledge in radiation hazards and ALARA approach
  *   Experience in comprehensive use of radiation detection equipment including knowledge in the detection of alpha, beta and gamma emitters
  *   Demonstrated ability to learn and comply with regulations
  *   Ability to communicate so that people adhere to safety rules
  *   Excellent verbal and written communication skills in English language
  *   Experience in support and training of people in radiation protection within your area of competence’

Additional beneficial qualifications include but are not limited to:

  *   Experience of radiological protection issues for a large-scale scientific facility, preferably an accelerator driven.
  *   Experience and knowledge of low level radionuclide measurement techniques.
  *   Knowledge of existing regulatory requirements and practices for clearance and sending of radioactive material and waste.
  *   Experience with working in an international environment is an advantage.
  *   Knowledge in Swedish language

We truly believe that you are a team player with the ability to listen to others as well as share your own expertise and communicate in a proactive manner. You have the ability to be assertive in the field with a service oriented mindset. You must be a hands-on person, used to work in a flexible manner with a variety of tasks and of course be an advocate for a safe working environment and share our values in creating an organisation wide safety culture.

Duration & Location
The position is permanent with six months initial probationary period

Your work place will be situated in Lund, Sweden.

Start date
The position is to be filled as soon as possible.

Application & Contact

Please provide your curriculum vitae in English by submitting your application on this website:


Please note that we only accept applications via the ESS website.

For some roles at ESS health check-ups and security clearance are required, and thus this might be applicable in the final parts of the recruitment process. The applicant is expected to be fit to perform the applicable tasks of this recruitment.

The deadline for applications is 12 September 2021.

For more information regarding the ESS recruitment process, please follow this link https://europeanspallationsource.se/ess-recruitment-process.

For further information regarding the position, please contact the Recruiting Manager, Sigrid Kozielski, Group Leader Radiation Protection, sigrid.kozielski at ess.eu<mailto:sigrid.kozielski at ess.eu> .

For further information regarding the recruitment process, please contact HR Officer, Tina Nilsson, tina.nilsson at ess.eu<mailto:tina.nilsson at ess.eu> .

For trade union information please contact Unionen / Conny Wendt at +46 72 179 24 63.  or SACO / Swedish Association of Graduate Engineers/ Johan Waldeck at +46 72 179 21 65.

We look forward to receiving your application!



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