[Neutron] PhD Opportunity in San Sebastian (Spain)

Kacper Druzbicki kacper.druzbicki at ehu.eus
Sat Oct 16 20:07:56 CEST 2021

Dear All,

We have secured funding for a PhD in our group starting in 2022, a  
summary of the project is enclosed below.

Any interested candidates can always contact me to discuss further details.

Thank you,
Kacper Druzbicki

Phase Behavior and Metastability in Hybrid Perovskites for  
Photovoltaic and Photonic Applications

Summary: The PhD candidate will join the Quantum Beams & Sustainable  
Materials Group at the Materials Physics Center in San Sebastian  
(Spain). The group primarily uses neutron and X-ray scattering  
techniques in combination with atomistic modelling to interrogate and  
understand novel functional media for energy applications and  
sustainability, in close collaboration with leading international  
laboratories from around the globe. The primary aim of this project is  
to explore the properties and phase behavior of hybrid perovskites  
using these methodologies. In particular, this project is part of  
wider efforts to understand and ultimately tailor the regimes of  
stability and metastability of this emerging family of materials as a  
function of external parameters such as temperature, pressure or  
chemical environment, as well as to unveil the mechanisms underpinning  
photovoltaic performance and degradation pathways under  
physico-chemical conditions of technological relevance. We anticipate  
that this body of work will pave the way for new and much-needed  
insights into the primary bottlenecks currently hampering the  
widespread use of hybrid perovskites in photovoltaic and photonic  

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