[Neutron] Postdoctoral fellowship at Lund University

Hanna Wacklin-Knecht Hanna.Wacklin-Knecht at ess.eu
Wed Feb 2 10:08:50 CET 2022

Applications open for a post-doctoral fellow in physical chemistry (Lund University/ESS/Umeå University/ISIS)
A postdoctoral fellow is sought for a joint project between the Department of Chemistry, Division of Physical Chemistry, Lund University, and the European Spallation Source ERIC to investigate the mechanism of apoptosis-regulating proteins, using a combination of neutron reflectivity and complementary techniques to probe the structure of mitochondrial membrane models reconstituted from native-like yeast lipid extracts. The project is an international collaboration with Umeå University and the ISIS Neutron and Muon facility with a broader focus on developing experimental and analytical methodologies for mechanistic studies of membrane proteins using neutron reflectometry and NMR.
Information about the project and how to apply for the position can be found here: https://lu.varbi.com/en/what:job/jobID:468224/
Closing date: 28th February 2022

Hanna Wacklin-Knecht


 Dr. Hanna Wacklin-Knecht

Life Scientist

Deuteration and Macromolecular Crystallisation (DEMAX) Platform

European Spallation Source ERIC

P.O. Box 176, SE-221 00 Lund, Sweden

Visiting address: Partikelgatan 2, 224 84 Lund

Lab Address: ESS Chemical Deuteration Laboratory Scheelevägen 2, Medicon Village, Building 403, Rm 312, Lund

Mobile: +46 72 179 20 44

E-mail:    hanna.wacklin-knecht at ess.eu<mailto:hanna.wacklin-knecht at ess.eu>


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