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Zobel, Mirijam zobel at ifk.rwth-aachen.de
Mon Feb 21 16:09:07 CET 2022

Dear colleagues,


we have two open postdoctoral researcher positions at the Institute of
Crystallography at RWTH Aachen (Germany). Application deadline is 15th March
2022 for both positions, start date as soon as possible.


One is funded for 24 months to collect further and analyze already available
QENS data on the diffusion dynamics of water and organic molecules on
surfaces of iron oxide nanoparticles. We look for a candidate with
background in neutron scattering, preferably QENS, and data fitting;
knowledge about magnetism is welcome.


The other position is funded for 18 months to synthesize non-magnetic metal
oxide nanoparticles to investigate the structure of solvation shells around
the nanoparticles with PDF or / and QENS. Candidates should bring along
profound experience in nanoparticle synthesis and X-ray / neutron


For further information visit:

Interfacial diffusion dynamics via quasielastic neutron scattering

Non-magnetic metal oxide nanoparticles - synthesis and interfaces


Please share with anyone who might be interested. Thanks!


We are looking forward to your application

Mirijam Zobel 




Institute of Crystallography

RWTH Aachen University

Prof. Dr. Mirijam Zobel

Jägerstr. 17-19, 52066 Aachen, Germany

Tel.: ++49 (0) 241-80-96916

 <http://www.ifk.rwth-aachen.de/> www.ifk.rwth-aachen.de



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