[Neutron] 3rd PSI Condensed Matter Summer Camp (extended registration deadline)

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3rd PSI Condensed Matter Summer Camp 2022 - Registration has been extended (June 3)

The PSI Summer Camp 2022 with a focus on Coherence and Entanglement in Quantum Systems will take place at the Lyceum Alpinum in Zuoz, located in the mountainous area of Switzerland, from Monday 8 August through Friday 12, 2022. It will be held as an in-person meeting.

The PSI Summer Camp has the goal to provide a forum for leading scientists to meet and discuss the fundamental aspects and open questions of current scientific interest. It follows a more than 20-year tradition to hold condensed matter schools at the Lyceum Alpinum in Zuoz, that provides a lively and informal environment for scientific discussions.

The talks will cover introductions to the research fields, an overview of the current research frontier and also recent research highlights of the speakers. The camp should thus be of high interest to PhD students and established scientists alike. There will be the possibility for PhD students and post-doctoral fellows to present their work in a poser session.

It will cover the following areas:

- Quantum Information Architectures & Applications
- Quantum Magnetism, including Topological Order & Fractional Excitations
- Unconventional/Topological Superconductivity, including Majorana Fermions
- 2D Van der Waals Materials & 2D Heterostructures
- New phases from non-equilibrium and coherent control of quantum systems

The talks will be invited lectures by leading experts in the field.

Confirmed Invited speakers:

- Mazhar Ali (TU Delft)
- Yoichi Ando (University of Cologne)
- Stefanie Barz (University of Stuttgart)
- Felix Baumberger (University of Geneva)
- Owen Benton (MPI Dresden)
- Andrei Bernevig (Princeton)
- Emil Bozin (Brookhaven National Laboratory)
- Eugene Demler (ETH Zurich)
- Sebastian Diehl (University of Cologne)
- Stefan Filipp (TU Munich)
- Jennifer Fowlie (Stanford)
- Philipp Gegenwart (University of Augsburg)
- Andrea Hofmann (University of Basel)
- Thomas Ihn (ETH Zurich)
- Marc Janoschek (Paul Scherrer Institut)
- Seunghyun Khim (MPI Dresden)
- Philip Kim (Harvard)
- Andreas Laeuchli (EPFL)
- Frederic Mila (EPFL)
- Markus Mueller (Paul Scherrer Institut)
- Prineha Narang (Harvard)
- Titus Neupert (University of Zurich)
- Tracy Nothup (University of Innsbruck)
- Joe Paddison (Oak Ridge National Laboratory)
- Sylvain Ravet (CNRS, University of Paris-Saclay)
- Manila Songvillay (Institut Neel)
- Philipp Werner (University of Fribourg)
- Wenchao Xu (MIT)
- Xiadong Xu (Washington University)
- Oksana Zaharko (Paul Scherrer Institut)

Registration deadline is 3 June 2022


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