[Neutron] MLZ Conference Neutrons for Mobility: last minute registration until May 16th!

MLZ Conference 2022 "Neutrons For Mobility" mlz-conference at mlz-garching.de
Fri May 13 11:00:11 CEST 2022

Dear Colleagues,

In the name of the Scientific Programme Committee, we would like to 
remind you about the upcoming *conference on mobility organized by the 
Heinz Maier-Leibnitz Zentrum (MLZ)*, to be held in Lenggries (Bavarian 
Alps, near Munich) from May 31th to June 3rd 2022. Registration is still 
possible until May 16th.

Mobility is a fundamental ingredient of today's society. While it shapes 
our lives at the global and local scales, it also is responsible for 
about a quarter of the overall CO_2 emissions and it is the fastest 
growing source of global emissions.

Improving the efficiency of energy use in transportation is thus an 
essential part of the present fight against the climate change. 
Technological and scientific advances in this field come from seemingly 
diverse areas, including for example high temperature resistant or light 
weight structural materials, hydrogen storage and conversion systems, 
batteries, CO_2 capture and synthetic fuels.

This MLZ Conference aims to bring together the heterogeneous community 
of researchers working in the related fields and to foster 
cross-disciplinary discussions.

The list of keynote and invited lectures illustrates the breadth of the 
encompassed topics: from climate and societal issues (Prof Daniela 
Jacob, GERICS) to industrial challenges (Dr Christian Weimer, Airbus) 
through scientific challenges and technological opportunities offered by 
a wide variety of material classes (Prof. Jennifer Rupp (TUM), Dr.-Ing. 
Steffen Neumeier (FAU Nürnberg-Erlangen), Prof. Giovanni Bruno (BAM), 
Prof. Andreas Schönhals (BAM)).

Among other methods, neutron scattering, radiography/tomography and 
analytical methods based on neutron activation analysis play an 
important part in the research in this field. An overview of the current 
state of the art in addressing these questions will be presented by 
Prof. Andreas Schreyer (ESS).

For more information please visit https://indico.frm2.tum.de/event/306/

*Keynote and invited speakers will be: *


    Prof. Dr. Daniela Jacob (Head of the Climate Service Center Germany

             Prof. Jacob will give an After Dinner Talk on Tuesday May 31th.

             Title: Time to act!


    Prof. Dr. Andreas Schreyer (Scientific Director of the ESS)

             Title: Neutrons for Mobility: A View into the Future

  * Dr. Steffen Neumeier (Department of Materials Science and
    Engineering of the Friedrich-Alexander-University Erlangen-Nürnberg)

             Title: Superalloys for mobility applications – In-situ 
characterization at high temperatures for optimized properties


    Dr. Christian Weimer (Head of the Materials branch of Airbus)

             Title: Future challenges in materials characterisation & 
analytics moving towards further circularity, higher functionalization 
and decarbonisation in Aviation


    Prof. Dr. Jennifer Rupp (Associated Professor for Solid-State
    Electrolyte Chemistry at the Technical University of Munich)

             Title: Design of Solid State Battery Materials and Prototypes


    Prof. Dr. Giovanni Bruno (Group Leader at BAM -Federal Institute for
    Material Testing and Research) (Invited)

             Title: Explaining Deviatoric Residual Stresses and Load 
Transfer in Aluminum Alloys and Composites with Complex Microstructure


    Prof. Dr. Andreas Schönhals (BAM -Federal Institute for Material
    Testing and Research) (Invited)

             Title: Inelastic and quasielastic neutron scattering on 
microporous polymer membranes for green separation processes”.

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