[Neutron] APS March Meeting Focus Topic 10.1.1

Sabrina Disch sabrina.disch at uni-koeln.de
Fri Jul 15 07:38:43 CEST 2022

Dear Colleagues:

We are writing to you to solicit nominations for invited speakers and 
symposia for the 2023 Meeting of the American Physical Society in Las 
Vegas, Nevada, March 6-10, 2023. We are serving as the organizers for 
*Focus Topic 10.1.1, “Magnetic Nanostructures: Materials and 
Phenomena”*, covering the topical areas described below. This focus 
topic is sponsored by the Topical Group on Magnetism and its 
Applications (GMAG). We are seeking your nominations to identify the 
most exciting recent work in the field. We encourage you to suggest 
invited speakers and symposia and also feel free to nominate yourself as 
one of the invited speakers.

Nominations should be submitted by*Friday, August 5, 2022* at: 

Note that nominations may be made for either individual invited 
speakers, or for symposia consisting of five invited speakers (and two 
alternates) covering a particular theme. Please be sure to confirm with 
any nominees that they would be available and willing to participate, 
and that they have not given a technical talk at the 2022 March Meeting, 
which would make them ineligible this year (2022 invited speakers 
are listed here: 
https://meetings.aps.org/Meeting/MAR22/APS_Invited). Finally, serving a 
diverse and inclusive community of physicists worldwide is a 
primary goal for APS. Nominations of women, members of underrepresented 
minority groups, and scientists from outside the United States are 
especially encouraged.

Best regards,
Benjamin Jungfleisch (University of Delaware), Ingrid Hallsteinsen 
(NTNU), Tim Charlton (ORNL), Shireen Adenwalla (University of 
Nebraska), Sabrina Disch (University of Cologne)

10.1.1 Magnetic Nanostructures: Materials and Phenomena (GMAG/DMP)

Reduced dimensionality and confinement lead to magnetic states and spin 
behaviors that are markedly different from those observed in bulk 
materials. This Focus Topic explores advances in magnetic 
nanostructures, the novel properties that arise in magnetic materials at 
the nanoscale, and the advanced characterization tools required for 
understanding these properties. Magnetic nanostructures of interest 
include thin films, multilayers, graded layer structures, superlattices, 
nanoparticles, nanowires, nanorings, nanotubes, 3D nanostructures, 
nanocomposite materials, hybrid nanostructures, magnetic point contacts, 
and self-assembled, as well as patterned, magnetic arrays. Sessions will 
include talks on the methods used to synthesize such nanostructures, the 
variety of materials used, and the latest original theoretical, 
experimental, and technological advances. Synthesis and characterization 
techniques that demonstrate nano- or atomic-scale control of properties 
will be featured, such as: novel deposition and lithography 
methods; electron microscopy (Lorentz and holographic imaging, in-situ 
techniques, time / frequency resolution); advances in synchrotron 
methods and neutron scattering techniques; and novel near field imaging 
techniques including NV center-based imaging. Phenomena and properties 
of interest include magnetization reversal and dynamics (including 
ultrafast and THz dynamics), topology in nanoscale spin textures, 
magnonics, magnetic interactions including anti-symmetric 
and antiferromagnetic exchange, magnetic quantum confinement, spin 
tunneling and spin crossover, proximity and structural disorder effects, 
strain effects, and thermal and quantum fluctuations.
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